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Meet Gerry Roy

Who Am I?
  • Small business owner here in Chicopee
  • Real Estate Broker Specializing in foreclosures and property development
  • Homeowner at 31 Devlin Drive (off Royal Street)
  • Have lived in Fairview for 25 years
  • Married for 26 years
  • Father of 3 sons
  • I always return calls
  • Businessman - Not a Politician
  • Family values are a must
  • God - always there
  • Parental Rights over our children
  • A hand up but NOT a hand out
  • Pro - small business
  • Against pedophiles in neighborhoods
  • Clean up Job Corps issues
  • Keep neighborhoods safe
  • Political correctness must go
  • Have a business friendly City Hall
"We need to pay attention to what goes on at all levels of government and hold them responsible to our values."
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