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Citizens of Chicopee Massachusetts:

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

We’ve come to a point where we need to pay close attention not only to who we vote for but also to what they do once in office. Many of our elected officials at the state and federal levels no longer act like they need to conform to the values of those who elected them. It is likely that because they are constantly surrounded with special interest groups, their point of view has become skewed. It is our job to make our opinions and priorities known to them and if needed, hold them accountable or even replace them.

Having talked to many of you at your homes, I feel we are very much on the same page. Even here in our local government, politics are played, sides are taken and agendas are pushed. I have no interest in playing that game. I am an independent thinker and not someone afraid to voice opposition.

It should be as simple as this.

Is it good for the Ward and the City? Yes or no?

I'm committed to this position on the City Council and I thank you for your trust and support.

Gerry Roy
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